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Sarah & Matt

Gaynes Park

Matt & Sarah's Spring wedding at the beautiful Gaynes Park was a truly wonderful day and will always be one of our favourite's.

From their Game of Throne's table names, to the antique book pile centerpiece's with overflowing flowers to their moss lined top table.... every little detail was unique to them.

The photographer even managed to capture the bride's expression's when she saw their venue for the first time in all its glory!

Thanks to

Dear Gayle and Cathy,

Where do I start?! It is impossible to tell you how happy we were with everything you designed for us because there is no other word other than perfect. There were so many times in the day that I stopped and looked at the beautiful flowers and the amazing pieces you had put together and it simply took my breath away. When Matt and I were searching for a florist we knew how important it was to us because we love the outdoors so much, and we knew that our somewhat different ideas might be a hard to understand! Then we met you guys and our worries literally disappeared! You took our ideas and made them even more exciting and amazing than we could have imagined. When I walked into that barn for the first time, my jaw dropped and I was close to tears because I realized you had put extra everything into our flowers and our hanging glass balls, your kindness and creativity touched both of us.

So what I am trying to say is thank you. Thank you for being so wonderful and for listening to our ideas. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful and lastly thank you for being patient and for making us so relaxed about everything.

You are fantastic florists and even better people. Thank you for making our day so so special and everything we wanted.

We cannot wait to share the photos with you.

All the thanks in the world.

Sarah and Matthew Harris <3 :) xx